Who Will Win The Title in 2017/2018?

Speculation on how a season will turn out is part and parcel of the period between June and August. Fans and pundits across the world engage with each other in arguments on who they deem most likely to lift the trophy in the coming season. The English premier league is the most dynamic and the most unpredictable league in the world, you never know what is in store, Leicester proved that 2 seasons ago. So who has the most likely chance of lifting the 2017/2018 trophy?

  • Chelsea

Having secured the title last season on the back of a very strong campaign Chelsea are the favourites to retain the title again this season, but things may not go as smoothly as they did last season. The one advantage they had last time was that they did not have European football, while their rivals laboured through demanding fixtures they just cruised through to the title.

  • Manchester City

City are ones that will pose the biggest challenge to Chelsea’s quest for another title. With a busy transfer that has been them bring in very good players they have a very strong claim to the title and the spine to back that up.

  • Manchester United

The possibilities of United pulling an upset and claiming the title are there, but the truth is it is going to be very hard for them considering they now have Champions League football. The one thing going on for them are their new signings especially the acquisition of Romelu Lukaku who is a proven goal scorer.

  • Tottenham Hotspurs

They usually start the season strong but somewhere along the way towards the end they stumble and falter. They have bottled up the chance of winning the title twice in a row and that is not expected to change next season. Unless they tighten their affairs up they don’t stand a chance of beating the other 4 to the title.